Monday, December 29, 2008

Yupha Mahamart - Printmaker

Me and Yupha Mahamart with her work.

This field is actually on campus, tucked away behind the gas station. If you look in the right direction it looks like you're in the middle of nowhere. I came to see this project around 5:45, just as it was starting to get dark. The light was really beautiful. From some angles you see the blue prints, and from others you see the blue sky reflected in the plexiglass.

The artist considers this project a sketch for a future, more complete piece.


Aaron Wexler said...

Hi Rene. I met you once in L.I.C via Rubens (I was a bit ahead of him in the painting dept. at Tyler).

Really enjoying your documentation of making and teaching art in Thailand. The nature looks so rich and your studio looks so peaceful - it's brown and slushy right now in New York.

I wonder if your work is changing or leaning towards a new direction?

Lizzy said...

What a cool project! If you like printmaking, check out my film that will be airing on PBS this spring:

Hoping Thailand is amazing. I'm following your adventures online!
Lizzy (of Mark and Lizzy)

Rene said...

Thanks Lizzy!
Congratulations on your film!